As you all know the UK left its membership of the European Union on the 31st January, but you can rest assured that ITHS are determined to continue to grow our closely forged relationships with all our valued European Customers and Suppliers. We remain an integral part of Europe!

As we progress through the transition period nothing will change between now and the 31st December. You can enjoy the same great service from ITHS without the need to worry about any logistical changes. Customs procedures and the way in which you account for transactions with us, all remain completely unaffected. It’s simply business as usual.

We are however busy planning for life after the transition period and have completed the incorporation of a subsidiary Company in the Netherlands. IT Hardware and Software NL B.V, KvK number 77457501 which will trade from our address in Eindhoven.

Through this new Company you will be able to continue to source EU stock from us without the need for an import licence or having to deal with changing Customs Procedures. You will also enjoy a continuing relationship with your existing Account Manager. So in short virtually nothing will change in the relationships we have with our EU partners. The one minor change being that in 2021, (or sooner if you wish) your purchase order will go to the new Dutch Company, and your stock will be shipped from the Netherlands.

We hope that the above makes sense and we will continue to issue updates with our progress in establishing the new trading Company as appropriate. If you have any questions or queries relating to Brexit or the impact of this new trading relationship then please contact your Account Manager who will be keen to assist.

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